Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Whining at the US Open

What is up with Serena Williams at the Open? This woman is INCREDIBLE on the court and I'd rather watch her than anyone other than Agassi or Roddick.

However, the other night was beyond what I could handle. The bad calls she got from the umpire were nothing compared to her unforced errors and unprofessional conduct.

If you can't win at the Open don't WHINE at the Open!

Has anyone told her that those press conferences are taped? Does she really think there was some conspiracy on the part of the chair umpire?

Who is her Sponsor... The GAP?

As one of the top players in tennis she should show more maturity when things don't go her way. In life (and in tennis Serena), it's not what happens, it's what you do about it. After every bad call you still could have whipped JC's butt!

Let's get on that higher road Serena. And now that you have some free time, get over to Sports Authority and buy a decent tennis outfit!


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