Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Which Party is Right?

There is no doubt that the principles of the democrat party are inconsistant with conservative ideals.­ I beleive one cannot involve themselves in a party which promotes abortion on demand and seeks to embrace those in need, only to shackle them to a system of welfare based programs that promote lasting dependance without having dirt on their hands.

In the last few days I have heard Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama arguing over President Ronald Reagan.­ Obama referenced Reagan in some fashion and Clinton pounced on the comment, insinuating that Mr.­ Reagan was void of any worthy accomplishment.­ The Clinton's embody the worst of their party and everything that is wrong with American politics.­.­.­ but they are in fact the icons of liberal thought.­

Mr.­ Obama.­.­.­ well Mr.­ Obama may be a good man, but he is not the right man.­ Although he is fresh and appears to be very sincere, remember this -­ sincerity is no test of the truth.­ Mr.­ Obama is sincerely WRONG.­ Wrong on the economy, wrong on national defense, against the right for every child conceived to have the chance to LIVE and wrong on dozens of other issues.­

I like Obama.­ I like a lot of people.­.­.­ but that doesn't mean I want them running our country.­ I fear the craving for change has some people in this country missing the point of this election -­ the preservation of the freedoms that make us great.­ Does our system of government have challenges? Absolutely.­ We can't know the incredible blessings that come from success without witnessing, and at times experiencing, failure, dispair and poverty.­ These challenges provide us individual opportunities to contribute personally to the lifting up of others and at times -­ ourselves.­

Ask me -­ I know.­ I've lived in beautiful homes and I've lived in a single wide trailer.­ I dropped out of high school, but later graduated with honors from a major university.­ I've owned companies and had incredible success -­ and lost everything.­.­.­ and I'll be on top again.­

I thank God that I live in a country where my success depends on my efforts.­ When I succeed I get the credit -­ when I fail -­ I get the blame.­ Put it all on me and let me go as far as I can, just stay out of my way! This is the essense of the conservative message, the best part of republican party.­.­.­ and dare I say the purpose of the American experiment.­

The democrat party platform is the exact opposite.­ Tax the rich and redistribue the wealth.­ Use that wealth to enslave those struggling to the government.­ Use the struggling as a voting base for the party.­.­.­ and repeat the message of dispair every four years.­ Show me a financially independent democrat and I'll show you someone who would never EVER live the life they promote to economically struggling individuals.­ Do as we say -­ not as we do.­

Do you desire to acheive all that is possible in your life? Which party stands in your way and which one gets out of your way?


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton Can't Do This

"This" is called connecting...

The last 72 hours have launched a movement and this man now has a 50/50 chance of becoming the 44th president of the United States.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama Sounds Black "On Demand"

Well Mr. Obama wins Iowa tonight and moves on to New Hampshire. Good for him, the rest of his party and the entire universe. We all win if Hillary and Bill Clinton are kept from returning to the White House.

Mr. Obama has some unique characteristics that make him attractive to many primary voters. He's fresh, he's young, he doesn't have a record so he's clean and he's black. In fact, I've noticed that Barack actually sounds "black" on demand.

He is the candidate of change. I've watched him do it when he speaks to black audiences, and I've watched him do it when he's really poring on the passion. He changes his dialect and can sound like he's preaching down in Birmingham at the drop of the hat. How genuine is that I ask you?