Tuesday, September 06, 2005

CNN's "Today Show"

I have never seen anything as weak as CNN, "the most trusted name in news?" What a joke.

The final blow for me was watching Headline News move to having two anchors who actually talk to each other. Playful banter back and forth, who cares what they have to say! This was the last serious news broadcast and now it's gone.

Why was it "serious?" Because it just reported news with very little opinion expressed in the delivery.

The first cable broadcast I ever saw was on Thanksgiving, 1980 and it was Headline News... that was 25 years ago. For a lot of reasons I remember that date and have always had a sweet spot for HN even though I don't care for the CNN organization.

Well now that HN is moving in the direction of the Today Show I imagine they will be adding a weatherman soon who is slightly overweight and thinks he's funny.

I'm done.