Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton and YouTube

No this is not Hillary Clinton... but make no mistake, Hillary will be singing at the top of her lungs when she becomes the nominee of the Democrat Party. As sharp as Senator Obama may seem, he just doesn't have the political capital that comes with having your husband be a former two-term president, even if he was a scuz bag.

More than that, Hillary is campaigning HARD and coming up with some pretty good viral marketing too. How good? She got ME to watch her YouTube video spoofing the Soprano's and I even went to her website to see what song she picked for her campaign anthem. (Celine's You and I, very moving.)

She is the candidate to beat from the red side of the aisle. My prediction for the upcoming presidential election... bloody.


Friday, June 15, 2007

JFK on Taxation

Want to blow your fiscal mind? Listen to John F. Kennedy speak to the Economic Club of New York in 1963 on the topic of taxation and the American economy.

44 years ago JFK proposed that cutting taxes would grow tax revenues. Brilliant. Listen to him speak and you would think that you were listening to a conservative Republican president. Check it out at American

If you've never been to this site I highly recommend it. Some of the most powerful words ever spoken can be read, heard and in some cases watched.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thompson's Speaks - People Listen

Fred Thompson spoke in Virginia this weekend and in contrast to President Bush, Mr. Thompson is a pleasure to listen to... and he makes sense too.

I'm not taking shots at the president, I'm expressing how much I enjoy hearing Thompson and his ideas... they resonate with me at a time when other candidates are simply "positioning."

Here's my suggestion to Governor Romney, my favorite pick, polish up your stump speech and start talking to people like it's your last shot to convince them to vote for you. Why? Because Thompson does it naturally.

Here's a fact - I've never seen Law and Order - not once. So I don't like Thompson because of a television character he's portrayed. I like him because he has the ability to communicate, and I would, as others have, compare him to Ronald Reagan.

I don't know about his personal life, but I'm sure we'll hear about it very soon. Until then, every Republican presidential candidate should be tweaking their strategy.