Wednesday, October 13, 2004

John Edwards' Dark Secret

The news is out... John Edward's father was a small business owner and a "consultant" too - a consultant for heavens sake!

This is unbelievable, and my Republican friends are shocked as well... BUT there is a concensus among us on this revelation from the Kerry-Edwards camp:

1. We're happy that the candidate's father actually "did well" (we like that success crap.)
2. We're not surprised that the millionaire lawyer didn't want his democrat base to know his father was ANYTHING other than a slave to the big bad mill owner (affluent democrats like that class warfare crap.)

Why would anyone focus on humble beginnings instead of eventual and lasting success? Because it sells with people who are humble and not looking to create success, but rather have it handed to them by people like Kerry-Edwards.

I'd like to know more about the senior Mr. Edwards. I don't know if he's living or passed but this would make an interesting show on "Biography."

If the man is still alive I bet he drives a Lexus and has a home on the beach. Like father like son - and I would be proud of both of them for their accomplishments.