Wednesday, May 04, 2005

If My Son Were President

My son Jack and I were walking through Washington DC this evening and I asked him an interesting question. "Jack" I said, "if you were president and you could make any law (I tried to explain an 'Executive Order') what would it be?"

Jack is 10 and a few decades away from qualifying for the presidency, but I think he had some interesting things to say.

1. Abolish School. I bet if you did a survey of 100 normal 10 years olds you'd get this one every time. I told Jack this was interesting and that he would be "the president of the stupidest country in the world" after only a few years and definately by the end of his second term.

2. Remove All Height Restrictions at Amusement Parks throughout the Country. Is this boy smart enough to be president or what! This is better than "Coke machines in every classroom" and he'd get every kid vote in the country. Karl Rove watch out...

3. Make Everything Free in Stores. Once again I had to step in and I said "well Jack, your Dad wouldn't want to own a store if everything had to be free, how would I make any money for our family?" He didn't get my point - but hey, he's only 10. Econ 101 and guns and butter are a few years away. The boy is a keeper - all my boys are sharp.