Sunday, October 30, 2005

iPod Nano Rocks!

Apple I salute you! I am enjoying my Nano (white by the way), and must admit this is the best MP3 player I've ever owned... and I've owned a few. My first digital music player was a Creative Labs unit and I loved it. I lost my first unit when I left it on a flight to Washington DC so I replaced it with the same type unit with more memory.

Creative Labs eventually made a smaller unit with even more memory and I snapped that one up in a minute. Eventually I purchased a Zen Micro and never quite got the hang of utilizing it to it's fullest extent. Although the design was adequate, Windows Media Player 10 was the interface and it was a weak combination.

When the Nano appeared on the marketplace I was "smitten" and had a desire to own my first Apple product since I graduated from college in 1988 and bought a Macintosh.

The Nano rocks! It is the lightest unit on the market and with 4 gigs of memory it can hold just about everything you need to take with you on trips. Any iPod is really only as good as iTunes allows it to be. As I was preparing to switch to an iPod I began experimenting with iTunes. I found it to be more intuitive than Windows Media 10 and I don't think I'll ever go back... when it comes to music, I'm an Apple fan.

Finally let me address the scratches everyone has been talking about... it does get scratched. When i throw it in my bag and other items rub against the screen - it does scratch. Everything I've ever owned (except my Rolex Explorer II) that has a plastic or glass screen scratches.

I don't know who's driving the law suit against Apple and the Nano, but I don't see the challenge. I see great color and all of my favorite music on a one inch screen of beauty.