Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dem Destruction

The dems are as transparent as Saran Wrap and it just takes one good head to head match up to show the world they are bigots, dishonest and disingenuous. Charges they make towards conservative republicans on a regular basis.

The topic of race and racial tension has been heating up with Clinton v. Obama. Bill Clinton compared Obama to Jessie Jackson (another black guy who won the South Carolina primary but it didn't mean a thing.) Obama supports a racist pastor who rails against the white community and this great country.

The ease at which the Clinton's lie is documented on video for everyone to see. From Bill Clinton acting like he didn't know Monica's first name to Hillary recently describing how she was under attack on trip to Bosnia as first lady.

Watch both of these characters closely... they seem so sincere. Remember this - sincerity is no test of truth.

The evidence of this charge is clear and easy to understand - neither Clinton or Obama want to live the life they preach to others. Take the hot topics of abortion on demand, gun rights, global warming and immigration.

Abortion - Do you think Bill and Hillary Clinton would advise their daughter to have an abortion if she became pregnant by her boyfriend? Maybe this is a bad example...

Barrack and Michele - would they advise one of their daughters later on in life that she should seek an abortion if she were to become pregnant? I doubt it. They are experienced enough to know that the scars of making such a decision run deep and last for years. Barrack will court Planned Parenthood and tow the party line of pro abortion, but he knows it's not right.

Gun rights - Both Hillary and Barrack want to limit your gun rights while at the same time enjoy 24 security from ARMED United States Secret Service Agents. Hillary Clinton has had armed guards within shouting distance since 1992. That's a nice perk and only has value because the agents are ARMED. You and I have to live by strict federal and state rules and are subject to arrest if we make the wrong move with a firearm, in the way we use it, or the way we secure it.

Global Warming - These two candidates are burning fossil fuel in the form of JET-A as fast as some small airlines! In Clinton's case she has her husband and daughter out flying around too. So much for conservation. How many homes do the Clinton's have? Do they buy carbon credits?

America better start conserving energy even though these two candidates burn the candle at both ends.

Immigration - We need to be compassionate to illegal aliens who have entered this country in a fraudulent manner because they are simply looking to make a living. We need to make them all legal all now. Yet neither candidate would employ an illegal alien because they know if would destroy their candidacy. If illegal aliens were crossing their property and trashing their land (like they do Arizona ranchers), they would have the Boarder Patrol on speed dial. Call in the Apache's and Hummers now!

These two people (along with Bill Clinton) are showing us what democrats are all about. Let's see who the last man or woman is standing... because the other one is going to be dead.