Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss California is a Fake

This headline according to MSNBC in breaking the news that the Miss USA contestant underwent breast augmentation. Sometime fake is good...

Sometime fake is bad... Like saying something you don't believe because it will make you popular with your peers. I know this is a beauty pageant but it's not high school. Hey ask me a question and I'll tell you what I think. Depending on the issue, its importance and the audience, I may temper my response to fit the moment.

However, ask me what I think about a CORE BELIEF issue such as abortion, capital punishment or SAME SEX MARRIAGE on NATIONAL TELEVISION and you will get a direct answer with no ambiguity.

That is what Carrie Prejean did and the fact that she had breast augmentation is irrelevant. In fact, I hear it's quite popular these days.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days Brings Me Back

Today marks the 100th day in office of Mr. Barrack Obama. For many this is a day of celebration - for others it's a day to highlight his blunders.

I like many middle of the road types were tired of the divisiveness that hovered over George W. Bush like the dirt cloud that followed Linus around in the Charlie Brown cartoons. I was done with him and frankly had grown tired of having to defend his blunders.

I had HOPE for Obama. My hope was he would follow the strategic path that many a politician takes - go extreme to get the party nomination and then move center to grab the general election AND STAY THERE AS PROMISED. Of course this has not happened.

Prediction... Barrack Obama will be the most divisive POTUS in the history of this country. Far more so than George W. Bush and for you 70's people - even Richard Nixon.