Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas 2007

These are my awesome children! Jack, Amanda, Chris (the boss), Megan and Cam the man.

Sitting around our front yard fire pit dressed in black by their mother, they have called a peace treaty for 30 seconds and appear happy and content. This picture gives me hope.

From right to left here's what's happening with these wonderful youngsters:

1. Jack - Jack is 11 and is a sharp young man in school and out of school. He just finished up playing fall soccer and was more aggressive on the field than ever before. He's a real Boy Scout now and will soon be in his Uncle Tim's troop and things will really start moving forward in his scouting endeavors.

2. Amanda is our angel and we are blessed by the Lord to have her in our lives. It is difficult at times to have to live a "normal" life with someone so unique in our home. We could spend our entire day catering to this little girl, but life is constantly calling each of us with its cares. What a pleasure it is to push the rest of the world aside for a moment and only consider Amanda. She is potty trained and in school this year which is HUGE. She loves to swing and to collect items from all around the house and bring them into one central location - her room! If you are missing something you just go to Amanda's room.

3. Chris is 16 and as mentioned in a previous post is now an Eagle Scout. Katie and I are proud of Chris and his accomplishments in Scouting - he is his grandfather's eighth Eagle Scout. This year his cross country team took home the state championship and I think I've got him talked into running his first marathon in March on Catalina Island. He is a huge college football fan and cheers for the Irish every Saturday. He studies hard and sleeps hard!

4. Megan is our big girl in a little package who gets your attention in a hurry! She loves her cousins (the female ones), her friends and horses. Somehow Dad has to figure out how to get her on a horse this year. We could stable one on the property but I don't think we're really "horse people." It would be better to find a riding program for Meg and see how things go from there. Megan is the little girl we always wanted to have!

5. Cam rounds out the group and is finishing up 8th grade this year. He is an excellent student and is doing very well in scouting. He's in Uncle Tim's troop and will be our next Eagle Scout! Cam played football last fall but is taking it easy at the moment - Cam is a special young man and I believe will be a giant like a number of his cousins.

Well that's it... Katie and I are happy and healthy and working on the most important job we've got right now - our family.


Monday, December 11, 2006

"Obama finds Osama!"

I would vote for this guy for President of the United States just for the outside chance he could catch Osama bin Laden. If he could - this would be the coolest newspaper headline since "Expert Says Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash."

Here it is...

"Obama Finds Osama!"


When I was a freshman in high school Barack Obama was a junior. I don't know if he was popular or an athlete or anything else about him because we didn't attend the same school...

So what's the point? My point is this guy is too young to be the next president of the United States of America! At 45 he still puts streaks in his underwear and forgets to brush his teeth occasionally. What does he know about foreign policy, the military or how things work inside the beltway?

I know he went to Columbia and Harvard (like the rest of us), but he he doesn't know jack about too many things a potential POTUS needs to know - and he knows it! Check this out from today's USA Today article:

Obama said it is "a little surprising" to him and completely baffling to his wife that he's become a media darling. He's either full of crap or needs to attend another Ivy League school to get a clue! Mr. Obama knows exactly what he's doing and he's not surprised... he's working his plan.

The real challenge I have with Obama is that I could vote for him (and not because of the potential newspaper headline), he's got the mojo... he's thoughtful, articulate, well educated and sharp looking. Unfortunately he's a democrat and so at some point he'll have to support the following whether he wants to or not to get his parties nomination:

1. Abortion on Demand
2. Limiting the 2nd Amendment
3. Raising my taxes, your taxes and his taxes
4. Demonizing current republican leaders and anyone who supports the republican platform
5. Anything else it will take for him to get elected within democrat circles and enough penetration into republican circles...

This guys seems too good to be true, but if he can prevent Hillary Clinton from getting that parties nomination, I'll send him a few bucks...