Saturday, November 03, 2007

Picking on Hillary

This past week the leading male contenders for the Democrat nomination for POTUS were picking on Hillary Clinton. Joining Obama, Edwards and Dodd was Tim Russert - one of the debate moderators.

Apparently asking Mrs. Clinton to actually answer a question is sexist. Hillary has made NOT answering a question an art - I've never heard anyone do it so easily. However, her constant use of this "technique" has given her away... it's like using someones name, use it once or twice in conversation and it sounds good. Use it in every sentence and it sounds planned and scripted.

It was an interesting moment when Tim Russert tried to clarify her answer on whether illegal aliens should be allowed to obtain drivers licenses. Instead of saying "yes, I believe they should" or "no, I believe they should not," she replied with "you know, Tim, this is where everyone plays gotcha."

Really? Asking if you are for, or against, a particular policy or issue is a gotcha question? I believe Hillary is attempting to have one foot in New York and the other one in every other state at the same time. I think she wants to get the support of every special interest group in the country and still pull the average Americans vote too.

Does anyone believe this woman is genuine? How does her support base (a large group too) look past all of her issues? I fail to see the draw to Hillary, but I don't believe asking her to actually answer a question is too much to expect from someone who wants to be POTUS.

President Hillary Clinton. She better get used to getting hammered in the national press - they're just getting warmed up.