Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Is a Blog Still Cool?

Blogs are in the news. Business Week has blogs on the front cover, something about blogs taking over the business world and crushing every company in America.

I don't get the point of the piece but I do have a question - Is a Blog Still Cool? If blogs are on the front cover of Business Week I have my doubts. How cool is Business Week? Not very.

Blogging can be a great way to get thoughts out of your head and out in the open (which can be a bit dicey when the entire world has the capacity to see how bizarre you are AND that you can't spell all at the same time. Scairy.

Some blogs like my business blog www.sellingforresults.com have excellent content and serve as a resource for readers intelligent enough to take action on the recommendations given. Other blogs are just weak. Here's an entry from a fellow blogger that just makes me want to lay down and go to sleep - for a few years...

"I turned the comment feature off on my blog because I never get a lot of comments and I didn't like seeing the 0 Comment note at the bottom of each post. Until I installed a stat counter I never thought anybody, other than my buddies were even reading my ramble but it turns out that I get a fair number of hits - far more than I ever expected. Anyway, I figure I'll turn the comments back on should anyone feel the need to rip a post or point out the errors of my ways. To my buddies...you may continue to rip me by phoning me at work or hit me on MSN - I like the distraction at work. ;-)"

What a model employee this guy is... I hope he doesn't work for me!

Anyway I enjoy blogging and being on the cutting edge for now (until everyone reads Business Week). I have committed to write at least once a week here and once a month on http://www.sellingforresults.com/ so "to my buddies" please keep reading - but please do it on your own time.