Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chris Kauffman - Eagle Scout!

This is my oldest son Christopher and my newest Eagle Scout! You can tell by that huge grin that two things are for sure... one he's had braces and two he's VERY happy to have that Eagle Pin on his chest! I see true joy in this picture.

Chris received his award shortly before his 16th birthday which is an achievement we are very proud about. Sixteen is that magic number in a young man's life where young women and fast cars become more important than anything else... and that includes Scouting.

This is quite a young man. He has endured the challenge of being my first son where the expectations have been high and can be extremely heavy. Just as he as learned how to reach and carry those expectations on his shoulders, I have learned to be a better father. Its not easy parenting in today's society and I appreciate Chris and his patience with me as I have figured out what to do and not to do.

Luckily for Chris he has an incredible mother who keeps us both on track! Katie and a whole lot of other people deserve a big thank you from Chris and from myself for moving him forward in the Scouting program. I'd like to thank everyone who helped along the way. David Price, Alan Lothson, John Dahl Ed Packard and a special thank you to Danny Meyer for pushing Chris over the goal line!

In a world where young men can become so confused, I'm thankful for the Scouting program. The Eagle Scout Award is one of the first opportunities our youth can learn to set and achieve goals. This one skill, setting goals, is the difference between successful people and everyone else. I thank God for the Boy Scouts of America and the people that serve in this great organization.

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