Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sarah Palin... No Bueno

I recall the first time I heard the name Sarah Palin. Something about a hot female governor from Alaska who could kill a moose with her bare hands... who wouldn't remember that!?

I don't recall actually seeing a picture of Palin until she was picked by John McCain to be his running mate. Once I got a glimpse of her there was no doubt that she was very beautiful, and a female Vice Presidential candidate seemed refreshing, appealing and like a winning choice.

Then she opened her mouth...

And everything changed for me. After years of hearing fingernails on a chalkboard every time George Bush spoke I was hearing a similar sound... only in a female voice that resembled Elly May Clampett. It was clear this woman could not communicate on the world stage. Forget the fact that she seemed rather simple - simple and direct can be good. She just didn't have the ability to lead through words.

Soon McCain knew he had made a big mistake and tried to minimize Palin, but the chum was in the water "and a sharks (big media) gotta eat!" Charlie Gibson, Katie what's-her-face and others were exposing Palin for her inability to articulate her point (if she had a point.)

So why is Sarah Palin "no bueno?"

Sarah Palin has been caught up in her own spin. She clearly had what it took to be elected the Governor of Alaska and I believe she could win one of the senate seats from the "Land of the Midnight Sun," but she is not the right person to lead her party or this country. She's a dope for listening to the people who are uttering those seductive words "Palin 2012," and the longer she acts like she is a viable presidential candidate, the more damage she does.

I know she has a lot of fans, but so does Nancy Pelosi. Both are extremely divisive figures and we don't need a bigger gulf, we need a bigger boat. One that can save this country from itself.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

George Bailey v. Big Banks

I saw this video the other day and thought it was very clever.

In February of 2009 (after 27 years with Bank of America) I moved all of my money to a local credit union that has done all of my vehicle financing. The service is the same, the online banking is sufficient and I never go into a branch so their locations are adequate.

I just got tired of the fees and the massive structure of one of the biggest banks in the world.

Once again I am ahead of the power curve of change in American culture... check out the video:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Notre Dame Faithful v. Barrack Obama

Today President Obama speaks at my Alma Mater, Arizona State University. They expect a crowd of 71,000 people (for 9,200 graduates) to gather throughout the day to hear Mr. Obama's remarks.

Note - it will be pushing 100 degrees today, no shade until 7pm and the venue has only one type of seating - metal. Ouch.

Not since U2 made Sun Devil Stadium Rattle and Hum 22 years ago has there been so much excitement about a rock star coming to perform. After a visit to Tempe the "2009 POTUS World Tour" moves to The University of Notre Dame on Sunday and the issue of Abortion is taking center stage before Barrack's roadies ever get close to South Bend.

Check out this video...

Good for a few serious Catholics to stand up for what they openly profess to believe. Abortion for Profit is hideous. It is an offense to humanity and I believe to God.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Donald Trump Fires the Media

Donald Trump took center stage today and backed up Miss California in her quest to save her crown from the media pundits.

The Donald said hey, so she took some edgy photos when she was a teenager, this is the 21st century, and by the way, they look pretty good.

Mr. Trump also reminded everyone that Ms. Prejean's answer on the topic of gay marriage mirrors that of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton... the President of the UNITED STATES and the Secretary of State of the UNITED STATES.

More than that, it was a personal question and the woman gave a personal answer. There is no right or wrong answer to an opinion question.

If a judge asked "what do you think of the conflicts raging in undeveloped nations in Africa and what can the United States do to assist?" and the contestant answered, "well, I think that unresolved conflict in any relationship is bad, and nations that just won't develop are really not deserving of our help..."

Well then you would conclude that the woman was a complete idiot and not deserving of the title "Miss USA." Let's remember this is a beauty contest and not a ideology contest.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brett Favre - Legend to Loser in Two Seasons

Much to my shock ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre, the twice retired QB is scheduled to talk with the Minnesota Vikings.

Legend to loser in just two seasons!

Long-term Favre fans (aka Cheese Heads) in Green Bay may be having second thoughts, a second time, about Brett's iconic status and his off the field mental condition. Does this guy run his ideas past anyone other than his money motivated agent?

I know Favre had issues with the Packer front office but the guy was a legend with Green Bay faithful. Management changes once and a while but legends, especially in the NFL, and always in Green Bay last FOREVER. I'm not sure how people feel about him now; however, if he suits up in purple he will be radioactive at Lambo field. Better to suit up in a Nazi Storm Trooper outfit than wear a Vikings uniform!

My question for Favre would be "do you really want to play football or just stick it to the Pack?" No doubt he won't want to compete for a position in Minnesota or go through the new player mini-camps. He just wants to suit up on Sunday, throw bullets and grab a couple of million in cash for the bank account.

Oh... and stay in the headlines.

Well football is about a lot more than what professionals drag it down to be and you only have to play a few seasons of Pop Warner to figure that out.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Specter the Democrat

It is amazing to me that men become so corrupt given power. It's equally fascinating how some men will throw away a reputation built over a lifetime by making a single bad decision.

Arlen Specter certainly didn't diminish all that he is with his decision to change parties. He may be a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Perhaps he was involved in many community or business affairs before heading to Washington, DC. Choosing to be a Democrat would not belittle any of these accomplishments.


Politically he will now be remembered as a turn-coat. President Obama and Vice President Biden welcomed Specter personally to their side of the isle. These fellow senate fraternity brothers (who now occupy the most powerful positions in our government) know how important Arlen Specter (D) will be to their agenda to grow power in Washington to levels perhaps not seen since the wartime 1940's.

Specter broke the rules last week. The "rules" I'm referring to are those that allow the people of both major political parties to choose someone who reflects their ideoligy. Mr. Specter took that away from Republicans by simply changing parties under the assumption that Democrats in the Keystone State will embrace him.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. I don't know Pennsylvania politics...

I'm thinking of all the staffers that ran Specter's offices. These days US Senators have dozens and dozens of people they employ. I would assume the majority of them are Republicans. Suddenly they are running a Democrat's office. How bizarre. What about his top advisors? Are they suddenly on board with the core beliefs that makes one choose the Democrat Party?

It must be a wild time for the Specter camp. Perhaps he won't lose his seat in 2010 by moving parties. Unfortuantely whether he wins or loses the race he has lost his political integrity.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss California is a Fake

This headline according to MSNBC in breaking the news that the Miss USA contestant underwent breast augmentation. Sometime fake is good...

Sometime fake is bad... Like saying something you don't believe because it will make you popular with your peers. I know this is a beauty pageant but it's not high school. Hey ask me a question and I'll tell you what I think. Depending on the issue, its importance and the audience, I may temper my response to fit the moment.

However, ask me what I think about a CORE BELIEF issue such as abortion, capital punishment or SAME SEX MARRIAGE on NATIONAL TELEVISION and you will get a direct answer with no ambiguity.

That is what Carrie Prejean did and the fact that she had breast augmentation is irrelevant. In fact, I hear it's quite popular these days.