Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Notre Dame Faithful v. Barrack Obama

Today President Obama speaks at my Alma Mater, Arizona State University. They expect a crowd of 71,000 people (for 9,200 graduates) to gather throughout the day to hear Mr. Obama's remarks.

Note - it will be pushing 100 degrees today, no shade until 7pm and the venue has only one type of seating - metal. Ouch.

Not since U2 made Sun Devil Stadium Rattle and Hum 22 years ago has there been so much excitement about a rock star coming to perform. After a visit to Tempe the "2009 POTUS World Tour" moves to The University of Notre Dame on Sunday and the issue of Abortion is taking center stage before Barrack's roadies ever get close to South Bend.

Check out this video...

Good for a few serious Catholics to stand up for what they openly profess to believe. Abortion for Profit is hideous. It is an offense to humanity and I believe to God.