Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Brett Favre - Legend to Loser in Two Seasons

Much to my shock ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre, the twice retired QB is scheduled to talk with the Minnesota Vikings.

Legend to loser in just two seasons!

Long-term Favre fans (aka Cheese Heads) in Green Bay may be having second thoughts, a second time, about Brett's iconic status and his off the field mental condition. Does this guy run his ideas past anyone other than his money motivated agent?

I know Favre had issues with the Packer front office but the guy was a legend with Green Bay faithful. Management changes once and a while but legends, especially in the NFL, and always in Green Bay last FOREVER. I'm not sure how people feel about him now; however, if he suits up in purple he will be radioactive at Lambo field. Better to suit up in a Nazi Storm Trooper outfit than wear a Vikings uniform!

My question for Favre would be "do you really want to play football or just stick it to the Pack?" No doubt he won't want to compete for a position in Minnesota or go through the new player mini-camps. He just wants to suit up on Sunday, throw bullets and grab a couple of million in cash for the bank account.

Oh... and stay in the headlines.

Well football is about a lot more than what professionals drag it down to be and you only have to play a few seasons of Pop Warner to figure that out.