Monday, May 04, 2009

Specter the Democrat

It is amazing to me that men become so corrupt given power. It's equally fascinating how some men will throw away a reputation built over a lifetime by making a single bad decision.

Arlen Specter certainly didn't diminish all that he is with his decision to change parties. He may be a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Perhaps he was involved in many community or business affairs before heading to Washington, DC. Choosing to be a Democrat would not belittle any of these accomplishments.


Politically he will now be remembered as a turn-coat. President Obama and Vice President Biden welcomed Specter personally to their side of the isle. These fellow senate fraternity brothers (who now occupy the most powerful positions in our government) know how important Arlen Specter (D) will be to their agenda to grow power in Washington to levels perhaps not seen since the wartime 1940's.

Specter broke the rules last week. The "rules" I'm referring to are those that allow the people of both major political parties to choose someone who reflects their ideoligy. Mr. Specter took that away from Republicans by simply changing parties under the assumption that Democrats in the Keystone State will embrace him.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. I don't know Pennsylvania politics...

I'm thinking of all the staffers that ran Specter's offices. These days US Senators have dozens and dozens of people they employ. I would assume the majority of them are Republicans. Suddenly they are running a Democrat's office. How bizarre. What about his top advisors? Are they suddenly on board with the core beliefs that makes one choose the Democrat Party?

It must be a wild time for the Specter camp. Perhaps he won't lose his seat in 2010 by moving parties. Unfortuantely whether he wins or loses the race he has lost his political integrity.