Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Knowing What's Right

Have you ever thought you were doing the right thing and then someone hammers you and suddenly you're not sure of yourself? God gave me this gift of knowing what is right and wrong and I can't shake it! It's with me all the time... sounds good right?

The challenge is I don't always DO what's right - that's a tough place to be - knowing what's right and actually choosing what's wrong. I know that I am not alone in this challenge that I beleive all potentially successful people face. How do you get from potentially successful to successful? Start making that right choice - Duh.

Anyway, politics today must be eating potentially successful people ALIVE. Who do you trust with all of the negative information - too much - too often and too long since November is still a month away. I think I have the answer though - believe in yourself.

I just look at John Kerry and I know that he's Satan - can't you see it too - I know you can. This man will say anything, wear anything, go anywhere and DO anything to get elected. I can see it, feel it and hear it when he speaks.

It's not that he's a Democrat. That party has only themselves to blame for putting up crap candidates. I'd vote for a Democrat if he or she were an honest man or women - seriously. However this guy is dirty and he's bad for our country. Is it too late to scrap him and elevate John Edwards? He is so full of sunshine I think we can all feel good about him.

Bush... W. has his issues. He needs to admit mistakes and move on with his pursuit of freedom and the fight against terrorists. But he's not a fraud - you can feel it - I know you can. He's REAL and that means you'll get the truth. You may not like it or agree with it, but in the end - it's still the damn truth.

I don't care what Al Frankin says... I know I'm right.


Saturday, September 18, 2004

No Sign of John Kerry

I recently spent a few days in Germantown, TN and had an opportunity to walk, run and drive through that incredible town. The homes, the grass and the TREES make this Arizona native seriously jealous.

As I traveled the different streets of Germantown, it became clear that many of its citizens are quite politically minded. Prominent on every street are signs for various elected offices… everything from the local alderman all the way to the POTUS.

I didn’t recognize any names for the alderman race - but for president guess whose signs were everywhere and guess whose signs I didn’t see? That’s right – there were no signs for John Kerry and thus no sign of John Kerry.

Look what your missing Germantown...

Bush rules in Germantown and if this group of middle to upper class southerners is any indication of how the electorate is feeling this November – W. has got things handled.

Unfortunately this election is too close to call, but I can’t help thinking that this little town outside of Memphis will be an accurate weather gauge of the nation.


PS – Isn’t there a 527 out there that can pay someone in Germantown to put a sign in their yard to support Kerry. Do something – it’s embarrassing for our two-party system.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Resolve to Fight Terror

Lot's of emotions floating around today - sadness, anger, and for some, loneliness. It seems as if every American can claim one.

Here's another one - resolve...

Not everyone can lay claim to this one though, some have given up the fight and have actually politicized the matter. Who you say? Almost every elected member of the Democratic Political Party in the US House and Senate.

I don't have an issue with any individual who doesn't support the Bush Administration. That's your choice. However democratic politicians seem to fight everything that has been tried to protect this country simply because they are not in power. They are not going to get any credit, a bounce in the poles or a lift in any way.

If you lost someone on September 11th to terrorists I bet you'd do almost anything to bring them back. That's resolve... doing almost anything.

Democrats let's quit fighting, blocking, tearing down and bitching and start working together with this administration.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Whining at the US Open

What is up with Serena Williams at the Open? This woman is INCREDIBLE on the court and I'd rather watch her than anyone other than Agassi or Roddick.

However, the other night was beyond what I could handle. The bad calls she got from the umpire were nothing compared to her unforced errors and unprofessional conduct.

If you can't win at the Open don't WHINE at the Open!

Has anyone told her that those press conferences are taped? Does she really think there was some conspiracy on the part of the chair umpire?

Who is her Sponsor... The GAP?

As one of the top players in tennis she should show more maturity when things don't go her way. In life (and in tennis Serena), it's not what happens, it's what you do about it. After every bad call you still could have whipped JC's butt!

Let's get on that higher road Serena. And now that you have some free time, get over to Sports Authority and buy a decent tennis outfit!


Autism, Fathers and Hope

My youngest daughter Amanda is beautiful, physically strong and extremely loving. She is also Autistic.

I can't recall the first time I heard the word Autism or when a doctor first mentioned that Amanda might be Autistic, but I do know she has been special since the day she was born.

As a father, I often wonder what's happening around me in relation to my family while I try and make a living. So much happens at home while I'm traveling or just at the office during the day that it seems as though most of my children are changing and that I am missing it!That's not the case with Amanda...

Amanda Elizabeth Kauffman

At four years of age Amanda's progression has been extremely slow. She doesn't talk and has a difficult time expressing herself in ways that I can understand. She is saying something, asking for something - I just am not sure what that is!

At times Amanda will grab me by the hand and take me places, moving me in the direction of something she wants... a drink, food or something just out of her reach. Those overtures bring me great joy. In those moments she comes out of her own little world and interacts in my world.

That's the most frustrating part of Autism to me - I want to know where my daughter goes everyday! I want to know what she is thinking and who she's talking to when she rambles on verbally. Certainly someone is there when she makes hand gestures and looks at nothing like it's something.

Maybe it's God. She is certainly an angel and worthy of conversing with Deity...

One of my favorite moments with Amanda is when she is sleeping. When she is out like a light, after moving faster and farther than most humans can do in a 24 hour period (she's fast even when she is still) I see a normal little girl. No incoherent speech, no tantrums, no looking off in the distance... just an adorable little girl asleep, and a Father seeing his daughter as he hopes she will be one day - totally normal.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Workin Man Blues... Not Really

There's a great tune by Merle Haggard called "Workin Man Blues" that I used to listen to when I was younger and heavy into country music. At the time I worked in construction, had served in the military and did more with my hands than I did with my brains.

After graduating from college my brains took over and my hands became softer. Thankfully, home ownership and a service driven mentality have helped me to keep my hands dirty enough to still consider myself a "workin man."

As such a man, it troubles me to hear John Kerry talk about creating jobs... or anyone else creating jobs - other than me! I wouldn't want to work at a job the government created ever again. The last one I had was in the military in which I made the least amount of money I've ever made in my life.

I don't want a government job... what I want is the government "off my back" as Arnold mentioned the other night in New York. Let me reach my maximum potential without restriciton.

Now I sometimes work in a shirt and tie helping others learn how to be successful and make more money. Here's the kicker - it's more fun than work.

So much for the blues...


I AM a Republican

With the Republican Convention wrapped up and Arnold S. (that's right, I'm not going to attempt it) stealing the show, that leaves just the "dog" and the "pony" doesn't it...

Arnold pegged me - I am a Republican. I stand for all the things he called out that make a man or woman a freedom loving, success oriented and goal driven machine! True freedom comes from no restrictions on your ability to acheive 100% of what you can earn, where you can go and what you can become. Give me some of that!

As for the dog and the pony - Kerry and Edwards will soon be off the campaign trail. Kerry will spend the next four years bitching about the SBV's and how they derailed his otherwise wonderful bid for the presidency, and Edwards will be a retired senator and can go back to suing corporations and driving up the cost of health care...

W. will take the day, DC will continue to be his solid right hand man and once the other changes in the company take place, watch out - George means business.