Saturday, September 04, 2004

I AM a Republican

With the Republican Convention wrapped up and Arnold S. (that's right, I'm not going to attempt it) stealing the show, that leaves just the "dog" and the "pony" doesn't it...

Arnold pegged me - I am a Republican. I stand for all the things he called out that make a man or woman a freedom loving, success oriented and goal driven machine! True freedom comes from no restrictions on your ability to acheive 100% of what you can earn, where you can go and what you can become. Give me some of that!

As for the dog and the pony - Kerry and Edwards will soon be off the campaign trail. Kerry will spend the next four years bitching about the SBV's and how they derailed his otherwise wonderful bid for the presidency, and Edwards will be a retired senator and can go back to suing corporations and driving up the cost of health care...

W. will take the day, DC will continue to be his solid right hand man and once the other changes in the company take place, watch out - George means business.


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