Saturday, September 18, 2004

No Sign of John Kerry

I recently spent a few days in Germantown, TN and had an opportunity to walk, run and drive through that incredible town. The homes, the grass and the TREES make this Arizona native seriously jealous.

As I traveled the different streets of Germantown, it became clear that many of its citizens are quite politically minded. Prominent on every street are signs for various elected offices… everything from the local alderman all the way to the POTUS.

I didn’t recognize any names for the alderman race - but for president guess whose signs were everywhere and guess whose signs I didn’t see? That’s right – there were no signs for John Kerry and thus no sign of John Kerry.

Look what your missing Germantown...

Bush rules in Germantown and if this group of middle to upper class southerners is any indication of how the electorate is feeling this November – W. has got things handled.

Unfortunately this election is too close to call, but I can’t help thinking that this little town outside of Memphis will be an accurate weather gauge of the nation.


PS – Isn’t there a 527 out there that can pay someone in Germantown to put a sign in their yard to support Kerry. Do something – it’s embarrassing for our two-party system.

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