Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Law of Attraction

After months of someone recommending I check out a website that featured a presentation entitled The Secret I felt I had a reason to find it and took action.

It offered a DVD that would "show me the secret" to all of the happiness and success that humans enjoy. I was pretty sure I knew that secret and that it had more to do with religion than anything else, but when a claim like that is made who can wait for a DVD? So I bought access to see it online and for the next 90 minutes I didn't move.

This presentation was put together very well, never mind that it did outline the secret to all human success, I wanted to watch it! After I watched it I purchased several copies and gave them to a number of friends and associates as gifts. I kept one copy for myself and have recently committed to watching it once a week.

What's the secret? Well along with embracing Jesus Christ (which is NOT part of this presentation), the secret to having everything you want in life is The Law of Attraction. Much to my frustration this was not anything new to me. Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale had already taught me this principle of success.

However neither of those two gentlemen had digital production! The Secret is put together so well that the concepts that make up the law of attraction are more understandable and thus the opportunity to apply the law is greatly increased.

What's the Law of Attraction? Simply stated, the Law of Attraction implies that the thoughts that we hold in our minds become our reality. In other words, we create our reality in our minds first and then experience them second. Thus in this law lies the explanation for all success and all failure.

Now it is quite apparent to me, having known a large amount of very successful people and a number of unsuccessful people that this law is true. It is also apparent that some people use the law consciously and some use it unconsciously. For example many people I know who are successful have goals, plan regularly and read success oriented books all the time. I believe these people are conscious of the Law of Attraction.

I also know people who think that personal development is for other people and they just get things done. No matter, these people simply apply the Law of Attraction in an unconscious manner. They have always done so and so it just seems like common sense to them or they don't even want to take the time to think about it.

Let's not focus on those rare individuals and let's focus on ourselves. I love personal development. I believe it has changed my life for the better, but it has also left me with no excuses for poor results. Like my religious beliefs, my standing with God is in my own hands and will be a product of my own thoughts and actions. The Secret is much the same...

It is in my own hands to manage my thoughts and take action on positive thoughts and push out negative images. I like that. No excuses and no regrets that don't rest squarely on my shoulders. I dig it.

I highly recommend this DVD and I recommend you watch it often. Then take the major step of using it. It will change your life.