Sunday, November 28, 2004

Top 10 Holiday Movies

I'm a power Netflix user and there are times when it's difficult to pick out something new to view when you are a movie nut... so I check out the reviews.

Everyone has a list except me. That Roger Ebert guy has a list (have you seen him lately - he looks fabulous!) There are over 30 critics listed on Netflix... how many critics does one site need?

Anyway - whenever I go to an event where they do an "ice breaker" with the group and it involves describing what I would do if I could do anything I always say the same thing. I'd be a movie critic... number 31.

So here is my top ten list of holiday movies:

1. Trains, Planes and Automobiles - watch it Thanksgiving evening and skip the rental car scene
2. It's a Wonderful Life - Classic and Donna Reed is a babe
3. While you Were Sleeping - This a fun movie and not because of Sandra Bullock
4. Home Alone - Classic
5. Home Alone 2 - Better than the first (very rare)
6. Home Alone 3 - JUST KIDDING
6. You've Got Mail - This movie just dances around the holidays but it makes the cut
7. White Christmas - I know this makes me look like a freak but I love that movie
8. A Christmas Story - This movie killed BB Gun sales all over the country
9. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Remember when this was the bomb?
10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - this IS the bomb and there will never be anything close!

Merry Christmas!


Friday, November 19, 2004

"Usama Beat Me?" I call Bull%@#&

Have you heard the phrase... "I'm callin bull%@#& on that!" Well John Kerry said Thursday (November 18th), that the tape aired a few days before the election featuring Usama bin Laden cost him the election.

Kerry said "It was that Usama tape - it scared them" (referring to the American People).

Well I'm callin bull%@#& on that! Kerry lost the election for a number of reasons that the talking heads are still hashing out. The Clinton Team screwed up, Kerry was an inept leader, no one in the Kerry campaign knew what was going on, there wasn't a clear message. Blah Blah Blah.

My take - that tape made it clear to everyone who watched it that George Bush had failed to capture bin-lame-o and that Usama was obviously still on the loose with the ability to make home videos.

This helped George Bush? I'm callin bull%@#& on that!

For weeks I had predicted a major terrorist attack on the United States - the attack would take place two weeks before the election - it never happened. Thankfully... it never happened. If it could have - it would have - make no doubt about it.

Evidently the United States has thrown a big wrench into the finance and operations of Usama and his men, but anything that called attention to the fact that Usama was still in the picture helped Kerry - including this video.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Season for Peace

As the election season winds down and the "Sunday Shows" get that last lick in today on John Kerry and how he blew the election, why George Bush is still evil and how Hillary Clinton is only four years away from saving the world can we now turn to peace?

I certainly hope so...

Politicians and citizens in this country need to get to work on the challenges facing our great nation. This country deserves better representation and I hope the recent election purge that removed men like Tom Daschle from power and from the spotlight will help us move towards peace.

What peace? The peace that comes from knowing we live in the finest country at the best time in history. This is the time - this can be a season of peace. I'm not talking world peace, we have our troops committed to war around the globe. W. has told us there is a war on terror so we can't have peace right? Wrong! We need to embrace that peace that can come from unity among people.

Stop the hate, stop the accusations and stop the maneuvering for power. Show the world who we truly are as a country. Perhaps this appears a bit utopian but we have done it before.

Let's do it again. It starts with each one of us desiring a season of peace.