Friday, November 19, 2004

"Usama Beat Me?" I call Bull%@#&

Have you heard the phrase... "I'm callin bull%@#& on that!" Well John Kerry said Thursday (November 18th), that the tape aired a few days before the election featuring Usama bin Laden cost him the election.

Kerry said "It was that Usama tape - it scared them" (referring to the American People).

Well I'm callin bull%@#& on that! Kerry lost the election for a number of reasons that the talking heads are still hashing out. The Clinton Team screwed up, Kerry was an inept leader, no one in the Kerry campaign knew what was going on, there wasn't a clear message. Blah Blah Blah.

My take - that tape made it clear to everyone who watched it that George Bush had failed to capture bin-lame-o and that Usama was obviously still on the loose with the ability to make home videos.

This helped George Bush? I'm callin bull%@#& on that!

For weeks I had predicted a major terrorist attack on the United States - the attack would take place two weeks before the election - it never happened. Thankfully... it never happened. If it could have - it would have - make no doubt about it.

Evidently the United States has thrown a big wrench into the finance and operations of Usama and his men, but anything that called attention to the fact that Usama was still in the picture helped Kerry - including this video.


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