Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Season for Peace

As the election season winds down and the "Sunday Shows" get that last lick in today on John Kerry and how he blew the election, why George Bush is still evil and how Hillary Clinton is only four years away from saving the world can we now turn to peace?

I certainly hope so...

Politicians and citizens in this country need to get to work on the challenges facing our great nation. This country deserves better representation and I hope the recent election purge that removed men like Tom Daschle from power and from the spotlight will help us move towards peace.

What peace? The peace that comes from knowing we live in the finest country at the best time in history. This is the time - this can be a season of peace. I'm not talking world peace, we have our troops committed to war around the globe. W. has told us there is a war on terror so we can't have peace right? Wrong! We need to embrace that peace that can come from unity among people.

Stop the hate, stop the accusations and stop the maneuvering for power. Show the world who we truly are as a country. Perhaps this appears a bit utopian but we have done it before.

Let's do it again. It starts with each one of us desiring a season of peace.


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