Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sarah Palin... No Bueno

I recall the first time I heard the name Sarah Palin. Something about a hot female governor from Alaska who could kill a moose with her bare hands... who wouldn't remember that!?

I don't recall actually seeing a picture of Palin until she was picked by John McCain to be his running mate. Once I got a glimpse of her there was no doubt that she was very beautiful, and a female Vice Presidential candidate seemed refreshing, appealing and like a winning choice.

Then she opened her mouth...

And everything changed for me. After years of hearing fingernails on a chalkboard every time George Bush spoke I was hearing a similar sound... only in a female voice that resembled Elly May Clampett. It was clear this woman could not communicate on the world stage. Forget the fact that she seemed rather simple - simple and direct can be good. She just didn't have the ability to lead through words.

Soon McCain knew he had made a big mistake and tried to minimize Palin, but the chum was in the water "and a sharks (big media) gotta eat!" Charlie Gibson, Katie what's-her-face and others were exposing Palin for her inability to articulate her point (if she had a point.)

So why is Sarah Palin "no bueno?"

Sarah Palin has been caught up in her own spin. She clearly had what it took to be elected the Governor of Alaska and I believe she could win one of the senate seats from the "Land of the Midnight Sun," but she is not the right person to lead her party or this country. She's a dope for listening to the people who are uttering those seductive words "Palin 2012," and the longer she acts like she is a viable presidential candidate, the more damage she does.

I know she has a lot of fans, but so does Nancy Pelosi. Both are extremely divisive figures and we don't need a bigger gulf, we need a bigger boat. One that can save this country from itself.