Monday, February 26, 2007

Romantic Film vs. Chick Flick

Recently I was debating someone over the topic of romantic film vs. "chick flicks." The argument... is a romantic movie the same as a chick flick?

My answer - absolutely not.

Romantic films have a broad appeal (meaning men will watch them and actually enjoy them.) Whereas a chick flick appeals only to women. Want an example? Thelma and Louise. I've never seen this movie, but I've heard about it. Here's a quote from a review I found on

"It's a film about happiness, and how we can be kept away from it. And how women are supposed to just shut up and take whatever they are put through. It teaches you to never give up your dreams, live by your own example and take your life in your hands. We can't just sit around watching life pass by. And when you get the chance - take it. And never apologize for being you."


Skip the analysis ladies. Romantic films are one of my favorite genre because drama, comedy and romance cannot exist without each other.. For your future viewing pleasure, here are 21 of my favorite romantic movies - that's right - 21.

1. Sabrina (New Version)
2. An Ideal Husband (Watch this multiple times to get the dialogue)
3. You've Got Mail (All-Time Favorite)
4. Bed of Roses (Roses with no thorns? Yep)
5. The Notebook (This movie will make you cry men)
6. Possessions (Very cool)
7. Someone Like You (Awesome)
8. Kate and Leopold (Very, very awesome)
9. They Way We Were (I really like this... seriously)
10. Somewhere in Time (Great music)
11. Chocolat (Great Music)
12. Forget Paris (I forget why I like this one)
13. An Affair to Remember (A classic)
14. Sleepless in Seattle (I like Seattle)
15. My Best Friends Wedding (Funny)
16. What Women Want (Hilarious)
17. Barefoot in the Park (?)
18. Down with Love (Edgy - not for kids)
19. While You Were Sleeping (Holiday classic)
20. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Hilarious)
21. Serendipity (I like that Kate what's her name)

These really aren't ranked in any particular order. I like each of these films and I could watch each of them at any time and be entertained. Now that I've exposed myself as a romantic, I think I'll tell my wife and then watch The Bourne Identity or something a little more masculine.