Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Hillary Clinton Attractive?

As the Democrats line up the best and brightest of their party I have to ask the question - is Hillary Clinton attractive?

There are a number of articulate, bright, clean and "nice-looking" candidates, but are they as attractive as Hillary? An attractive candidate to me is one that "gets me excited" and really "sparks my plug" when I hear them speak or see them on camera. I'm not sure Hillary does that for me, but what about other voters?

I took a poll in my office and asked my friend Jeff Nelson if he thought Hillary Clinton was attractive... he said NO really quick. As I turned to leave his office he said "are you okay man?" So that's proof there is some doubt as to the attractiveness of this candidate.

Who's more attractive? How about Helen Thomas... this woman could give Hillary a run for her money when it comes to attractiveness. Have you ever heard this woman speak? Her voice is like a soothing harp calling you to attention. Magnificent. If she wasn't an unbiased journalist, she'd make a great democrat candidate.

It's been said that to attract attractive people, you must become attractive. These two women must be surrounded by beautiful people. However, is that enough to be elected President of the United States of America?

What about Obama and that guy named Dennis with the strange last name? Are they attractive enough? The bar is being set pretty high and the bar is being set by the most attractive candidate of all - John Edwards. That's right, articulate, clean, bright, great looking and attractive. How attractive? Attractive enough to be John Kerry's VP selection in 2004. He couldn't stand next to Kerry without being the entire package.

I'm going to keep an eye on this race, in fact, with so many attractive candidates, I'm going to keep two eyes on it!