Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Megan Turns Nine

My Megan turns nine today... and she is a beautiful, smart and spunky little girl who is loved by many many people!

Megan was born as an answer to many prayers by Katie and I for a little girl. We had mastered the whole little boy thing and we both wanted a little girl that would look just like her mommy and have her mommy's incredible personality. Megan was born and we got one out of two... (she has her mothers cherry disposition.)

Although a bundle of joy Meg has been known to rip her brothers to shreds. She packs a mean little (something) and has been known to make older brothers cry - sometimes just in absolute frustration over the fact that they can't touch her without their father throwing them out the second floor window. Megan has my protection and my love.

She is named after her two grandmothers... my mother's middle name is Pearl and "Megan" means pearl. Her middle name is Elaine which is the middle name of Katie's mother.

Happy Birthday Megan - we love you!