Sunday, January 14, 2007

24 is Back - Muslim Extremists Beware

I know someone is going to see this post and wonder what I must be thinking with this photo... it's a little on the edge, maybe over the edge, but it does sum up the Jack Bauer character and what I believe every red-blooded American loves about this show. Frankly, we've had it with extremist groups and we're ready to kick some butt.

We're sick of our fighting men and women being blown up, kidnapped and beheaded. Were done being handcuffed by international bodies that want their butt's covered by the United States military, but won't take a stand against Muslim extremist groups raising hell all over the place.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio last week discussing this season of 24 (he's apparently previewed a number of episodes), and he is pumped about this program. According to Rush, the first four episodes each have scenes that will blow your mind and make you think "did they really just do that?" Let's hope they send Jack to Baghdad in the first hour to kick some... well you know what!

Welcome back Jack - and bad men everywhere - better watch your six - and overhead too.