Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mitt Romney - POTUS 44

Get a good look at this guy... Mitt Romney is the man that can lead this country to great things and I believe unite us in the process.

Mr. Romney has been governing the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the last four years and has done incredible things in that state. Check out a video on his website and you can get a good look at this gentleman. When you learn what he's done in Massachusetts and hear him speak - I know you'll sense something special.

Are you looking for someone who can lead without alienating half the voices in this country? Someone who can get you excited about participating in the political process? If so, than Mitt Romney is your Republican candidate for President of the United States. Make no mistake, Mitt Romney is different.

If you've looked at other candidates and settled for whoever turns you off the least. If you've waited to get involved only after the primaries have selected the final choices because you don't think you can make a difference. Don't do that any more.

Every few decades this country gets someone special to run for president - this is one of those times. Get behind Governor Romney with your money, with your time and with your vote.

2008 starts today...


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