Tuesday, May 16, 2006

West Wing Ends...

Sunday marked the end of seven seasons of the West Wing. This was a great television program. Why? Because it obviously had a liberal spin and I’m a conservative republican... and I loved this show!

Here are the Top Ten Reasons I enjoyed the West Wing:

1. It seemed VERY REAL. The set, the issues etc. They spared no expense making this show look right.

2. Martin Sheen. Despite his liberal bent, Sheen was very presidential and it worked – he’s the president liberals haven’t had since JFK... and never will have again.

3. The dialogue. The script writers for this show were awesome. Again, I didn’t agree with the politics, but the dialogue was quick, intelligent and thought provoking.

4. The situation room. This was war game heaven and full of smart people who always knew what to say and what to do. It was perfect for our form of government. The Commander in Chief, a civilian, democratically elected official, telling career soldiers what they would do next.

5. Toby – I hated Toby and I watched just to see what he would say or do so I could hate him even more. He was the epitome of everything I despise in liberal thinking. I really liked the episode where his ex-wife, who was pregnant with twins (by him), didn't want to live with him (in a house he just mortgaged his life for), because he was too depressing. BINGO.

6. Air Force One. What an incredible plane. I enjoyed every episode that had Air Force One in it… the ending was a strong and thoughtful way to bring the show to a close.

7. CJ… she made the job of every future press secretary in the White House almost impossible. No one, not even CJ could speak that well without a script. How did she get the second to the last send off in the series. (If she didn’t work in the White House what was she doing in there?) Liar!

8. Donna – is this a great country or what? She goes from a temp who wasn’t getting paid a dime when the show started to the chief of staff of the first lady. This show was so real...

9. Only one left after this… Hmmm. Let’s say John Spencer. I really felt something special (seriously) when Jed pulled out the napkin. Leo was a tough manager and I liked that… he knew what his mission was and he attacked it every day. I liked this character and I liked Spencer as an actor.

10. DVD. I watched every episode of this show on DVD until the closing episodes of this season. I just purchased season six at Best Buy and cannot wait to watch it. When I needed quality entertainment (on my time), I put in a disk of the West Wing. As each season came to a close I was truly bummed out.

11. Okay Bonus Reason – I loved the way Martin Sheen put on his coat. That was cool.

This show really was something special. For me it ranks up there with shows like St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, and LA Law. Like West Wing – all NBC programs.

Perhaps the best proof I have that this show was a hit with other people came to me after I decided to put Season 1 through 5 up on eBay… One night around 1am I had all of the episodes posted. Before Noon the next morning every boxed set was gone.

Enough said.


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