Thursday, April 27, 2006

Give George Bush his Props...

W. has done good and he deserves his props for picking Tony Snow as his new press secretary - Helen Thomas watch out! I don't want to brag (too much), but Tony Snow is exactly the type of person I wrote about last month when calling for change in the press secretary position.

This guy is sharp... in fact, look at this picture and tell me who looks like the President of the United States? Yep - Tony Snow is THAT sharp. Politics is a very funny game and perception is reality when it comes to complex issues where there is no ONE answer. Tony will bring the perception of professionalism and intelligence to the White House by simply looking and speaking well.

Hopefully Snow will do more than just put the right face on for the Bush Administration, but ALSO help them think and act differently. Well let's see Tony in action... only then will we know if he deserves HIS props.


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