Friday, May 19, 2006

Cigarettes are Litter... Butt-Head

It is amazing to me that there are people in this country that still smoke cigarettes. How many more people have to die before tobacco is banned from human consumption? Duh. When a product has this on it's label:

"This product will kill you" I suggest that you not smoke it or chew it. Enough said. The fact is millions of people smoke. Despite the warnings, the social stigma and the SMELL millions of people are still smoking. Fine - die.

There is another more insidious challenge associated with smoking. Litter. Yes those little cigarette butts are litter... BUTT-HEAD.

Have you ever been driving behind or along side of someone and they flick a butt out their window? Have you ever wanted to RAM their car and push them off the road. Maybe their car would fly over a cliff, do a few twirls, and the nasty smoker would meet their fiery death? (Can you tell this bothers me? Not the smoker - the litter-er.)

Have you ever pulled up into the left-hand lane at a traffic signal only to look down and see this on the ground:

Disgusting huh... how is it that people don't think that throwing this crap out of their window is not littering? The fact is they know it's disgusting - that's why smokers who smoke in the car have the window down even when no one else is riding with them. They don't want to smell it and they don't want the nasty little butts in the car either.

I had my roof replaced recently and the roofers were smokers... guess what they did when they were done smoking up on my roof? Yep - they tossed their butts all over my front, back and side yards. They didn't throw their Burger King wrappers in my yard - just the cigarette butts. Guess what I wanted to do with all of those little gems I found on my property? I can't write it here - my wife reads this once and a while...

I own some real estate in Scottsdale with my friend and business partner Ron. We paid well over a million bucks for prime property in a very exclusive part of the valley so our investment would do well and our team members would have really nice "digs" when they came to work. One day I was walking to my car and someone who had been smoking used the hand railing on the second floor to put out their cigarette and then just sat the butt on the railing... like they were going to come back for a second hit later in the day. Butthead.

What's the answer? Prosecution. Hard Time. Torture. Sounds tough? Look at those pictures again... or better yet, just look outside on the ground.


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