Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

This week I listened to an interview given by a soldier who had been injured in Iraq… in fact he’d been wounded twice. Shot in the face the first time, lost both his legs the second time if I recall correctly.

His name is Sgt Major Brent Jerguson and he’s at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It was amazing to hear someone speak so articulately and boldly about what he believes – especially about a topic that is becoming more divisive every day. Even more unbelievable was the “matter-of-fact” style he used to describe his injuries.

When he was first injured, a round ricochet off his M-16 and hit him in the face. He fought for 30 minutes after he was hit. After the fighting subsided he was attended to and got the heck out of where ever he was. 4 months later he CHOSE to rejoin his unit. 3 weeks away from the end of his tour his patrol was hit by an RPG killing one and taking off both of Sgt Jerguson’s legs.

After this second injury he still says he’d go back. He has no regrets. His family supports him. Sounds pretty matter-of-fact doesn't it. That's called conviction.

He believes the United States public has attention deficit disorder. Most of the country was supportive of the efforts of the military after 9-11. Emotions were high, but now people are ready to give up because the press is bad and the fight is growing long.

On Memorial Day weekend 2006 I think it’s appropriate to remember the sacrifices our soldiers make on behalf of their country. Politics aside, good things happen when people sacrifice themselves for something other than themselves.

If a military man or woman live up to the oath they take at induction, they aren't interested in politics. General Douglas MacArthur reminded cadets at West Point during his last visit that the military man shouldn't be interested in the politics of the day... others will debate the issues. His (or her) job is to do his duty.

Thank you every military man and woman for your service. God bless those families who had a loved one not return from any war, engagement or assignment wherever it may have been.


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