Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Takes a Bow... Out

Tough day for conservative Americans as Mitt Romney "suspends" his campaign for POTUS leaving John McCain uncontested access to the Republican nomination.

I have a number of thoughts regarding Governor Romney and Mr. McCain... but I want to address today's announcement and the strategy behind it.

Mitt and the team he's put together have the capacity to look beyond today and into the window of tomorrow. Based on the reality facing the Romney campaign I agree with the call to suspend and step back from the day to day grind of the primary battle. Doing so demonstrates the Governor's leadership, and shows he's more interested in America than in himself. He made this very comment... and anyone with the slightest ability to discern the truth knew they had just heard it.

Strategically, Mr. Romney did what Mike Huckabee will eventually have to do, thus beating him to the punch. CPAC was the place to do it too - going out with a bang. (Huckabee will make this same announcement from a Holiday Inn somewhere in DC and know one will care and everyone will say "about time."

Governor Romney can now assume the roll as the Conservative Caretaker of the nation - not just the Republican party - the entire nation.

If the country needs more time to come to grips with his religion - give it to them. If the country needs more time to realize the promises of liberalism are hollow - grant it. Finally, if the Republican party needs another defeat to realize compromise leads to failure - let them lose. Mitt Romney and conservative men and women win on that day.

So with great sadness I watch Romney, an honorable man, do the honorable thing for his political party and make the right call for his future impact on our country.