Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton Knows Debasing & Degrading Language

Thursday of this week David Shuster from MSNBC made an off color remark regarding the Clinton campaign and their use of former first-daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Shuster is a biased talking head that doesn't belong "reporting the news." I don't like him and I didn't think his comment was appropriate for a journalist. Add this to the list of proof that he is not a newsman.

The Clinton response is as comical as Shuster calling himself a journalist. Read Hillary's letter to the head of NBC news:

Dear Mr. Capus,

Thank you for your call yesterday. I wanted to send you this note to convey the depth of my feeling about David Shuster's comments.

I know that I am a public figure and that my daughter is playing a public role in my campaign. I am accustomed to criticism, certainly from MSNBC. I know that it goes with the territory.

However, I became Chelsea's mother long before I ran for any office and I will always be a mom first and a public official second.

Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used and no temporary suspension or half hearted apology is sufficient.

I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language.

There's a lot at stake for our country in this election. Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Quite the joke in my opinion. Hillary Clinton is an expert at using and perpetuating debasing and degrading language. Just ask Laura Bush who has sat by in a dignified manner while Clinton called the President of the United States a "liar," "unintelligent" and a "war monger." Ask President Bush's daughters how they feel about the remarks made by a plethora of democrats.

Suck it up Hillary. If you threw your daughter "into the lion's den" (aka pimped her out) of politics in the latest attempt to figure out why you're not running away with the primary race, that was your decision.

Schuster's comment was minor compared to the debasing and degrading words you've used against George W. Bush.