Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mormon Mission Provides Wisdom

I was reading an article in the Arizona Republic Friday about a young man who recently returned from a Mormon mission and is now playing football for UCLA. Apparently this guy is a solid quarterback and is looking to make his mark with the Bruins. I was impressed by the following quote from the article:

"Some people don't really quite understand what you do on a mission. You're not out there working out, improving as an athlete. Your focus is other people. That was my life for two years." Olson goes on to say, "I do believe I was able to gain experience and gain wisdom in other areas of life that I've hopefully been able to apply to the football field." Ben Olson

I should say so, before leaving for his mission Olson was a member of the BYU football team. Upon gaining much wisdom, and maturing mentally, he returned from his mission and quickly transferred from BYU to UCLA.

Was it a good decision... UCLA 27 BYU 17.

That would be a yes...