Saturday, September 15, 2007

Irish Eyes Are NOT Smiling

There is nothing Charlie Weis can say that will explain away the dismal 0-3 start the Irish have posted so far this year. Not only are they losing games, they just look like crap.

Jimmy Clausen isn't going to solve the challenges you see on the line, in the backfield or anywhere else. The hype Clausen brought to the program ended last week when he lost for the first time in four plus years of stepping on a football field.

I'm an Irish fan because I love the tradition of the program and the passion of the fans. The same emotion that makes ND fans exciting makes them demanding. My gut tells me that Charlie is only a loss away from being questioned in the media and questioned by the alumni.

I understand rebuilding a program (that's what I've been telling the people yanking my chain), but five fumbles? Let's get it together men.

Charlie you better figure something out quick - your record this season has you in the same league as Bob Davie... 0-3.