Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time for McCain to Take a Powder

It's time John McCain take a powder and drop his pursuit of the presidency.

If he were to back out and put his energy and connections behind the top republican who will be in the race by the end of the summer (Romney and Thompson), he have a lot less stress and enjoy a lot more popularity.

His position on immigration may have been right, or my have been wrong, but associating himself with extreme liberal democrats and such an unpopular president were political suicide. You may say "well he's a man of conviction." Fine - he'll remain a senator with his convictions and will never be able to display such convictions as POTUS. Someone in his campaign screwed up and should have been giving him better counsel.

The fact is the immigration bill was so full of holes that to stake a presidential candidacy on it was a telling lack of judgement. Iraq - same situation - it's such a hot topic that a more moderate position is called for if your running to take the job of the current commander and chief.

This is a pretty easy decision for McCain... just not pleasant. The campaign is in debt and and cash flow is tight. It would make sense for him to pay the bills he's got and walk away with a cool million for later political use.

He'll get all the attention he's getting now and more from the media. Best of all, every republican and some democrats will come courting and he'll be back on top of the world.

Let it go Mr. McCain and get behind Romney and Thompson early... don't play games with the dems or think independent.