Friday, July 20, 2007

Liberal Nightmare - Dick Cheney is POTUS

Here's a headline on USA Today's website that's sure to scare the crap out of liberal democrats...

"Dick Cheney will be acting president tomorrow" According to the Associated Press:

"President Bush is scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy tomorrow, meaning that Vice President Cheney will be standing in while the commander in chief has what the White House describes as a routine procedure.

AP says the procedure will be performed at Camp David.

Back in 2002, Bush was out for about 2 1/2 hours during a similar exam, according to press secretary Tony Snow."

The only person worse than President Bush to the dems, and especially the fringe groups with loud agendas... Dick Cheney. (That's pronounced Cheeney according to Chris Matthews.)

Good luck Mr. President and get Mr. Cheney into a bomb shelter because if anything happens to President Bush or President Cheney (give him his two hours), Nancy Pelosi is next in line for the presidency and that is the real nightmare.