Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sharpton Does Hardball

What’s the connection between Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton? Aside from both being extremely religious… Sharpton hosted Matthew’s program "Hardball" this week and if anything solidifies the fact that Matthews is an extremely liberal democrat, picking Sharpton to host his show is it.

Here’s a review of the program: The “reverend” interviewed two liberal hacks, Howard Dean and Terry McAuliffe. Dean was flashing his famous “Joker” grin and telling “his holiness” how wonderful it is to be alive and be a democrat. McAuliffe brushed off Al’s concern over the fact that Mr. Obama raised 10 million more dollars in the second quarter than Ms. Clinton. Terry said no big deal, Hillary has enough money to win the primaries and the general election – it’s good to have money.

Next up, republican powerhouse candidate… Duncan Hunter. Mr. Hunter actually had good things to say, but what did Al want to talk about? Ann Coulter. Ann likes Duncan Hunter and instead of hearing Mr. Hunter's views Sharpton wanted to get the gossip.

Following Duncan Hunter was Chris Dodd, another presidential candidate and a democrat. Mr. Dodd makes sense and speaks very logically and forcefully about his position on Iraq. His position? Leave very quickly. Something I’ve called for the last 16 months. If the rest of Mr. Dodd’s colleagues could articulate their points without engaging in the “politics of hate,” they might be leading instead of destroying this country.

If Matthews was on vacation he couldn’t stand to be left out of limelight. At the end of this evening’s program the news broke regarding President Bush commuting the prison sentence of Scooter Libby… and Matthews was on the beach somewhere – he must have crapped his pants. He was back the next night and Reverend Al was given the hook. Good thing too, Sharpton was staring so intently at the teleprompter up close like that was freaky.