Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbye Hillary

After an eternity of campaigning Hillary Clinton finally ended her run for the presidency by endorsing Barack Obama at the Democrat Convention last night in Denver.

Thank Heaven.

Even as I write, MSNBC is working to keep the dream alive... that Hillary will somehow make a comeback and steal the nomination from Mr. Obama. Even if it does fill a gap in the 24 hour news cycle - it's not going to happen.

Thank Heaven.

I would give anything to see Bill and Hillary Clinton driven into a small dark corner of our nation’s political process. Even four years of an Obama Presidency might (I say might) be worth it to me if “presto” the Clintons could just disappear. By the way – that includes Chelsea too, who will be the next family member who asserts a “right” to the spotlight. Who’s next? Roger Clinton? Tony Rodham?

It will be a tough four years, but it may be the wake-up call conservatives need to get off their butts. It won’t take four years for Obama’s positions to be exposed for the failures that they are and the failures that they will bring. No amount of false hope brings change.

Back to Hillary – I see no goodness in the woman. How ugly an analysis – I question my compassion and humanity by making such a judgment.

Thank Heaven.