Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The News Media and Politics

It's tough getting non-biased news today. Everyone knows that Fox News is leaning to the right and CNN is leaning to the left. The time has never been more critical to be an independent thinker, because if you watch network or cable news thinking your getting "the news," think again.

The truth is you'll be getting the networks slant or the hosts slant on the issues. In some time slots you have a liberal bias and in the next slot you have a conservative bias. Except on Fox. Alan Colmes is the loan liberal talking head. Your best bet... do your homework, weigh every issue and make up your own mind.

As a conservative, I can think of a few biased republican program hosts - Bill O'Reilly and Shawn Hannity are the most extreme. When these two guys start going overboard everyone sees it, including conservative republicans. Of course it's even more obvious when liberal hosts tee up their ball of crap. Here are two that rub me wrong the most:

Keith Olbermann - This guy is the worst person hosting anything. Although ESPN is a better network since he left, I can't say the same for MSNBC, their ratings are in the toilet and Olbermann appears to be a self righteousness liberal blow hard. His daily "special comment" in which he gets to say whatever he wants about anyone without backing up his assertions is lame. Listen to him and you'd think George Bush is Satan and Dick Chaney is... well Satan. They are both evil to the core according to Blolbermann.

What can you say about Keith that's nice? "He reads like a champion." I've never seen anyone say everything so precisley since CJ Craig and the West Wing left NBC. What does he do best... he throws a mean paper wad to end his show - and it is a show. It's not news people.

Chris Matthews - Mr. Paper wad (I mean Hardball), Matthews comes across as very sharp and also very biased. He leads guests with direct questions that fit his agenda. Chris seems like he is... well... stuck up. That's it - he's stuck up and he knows more than you and I about everything political. We're lucky he's there to tell us how to vote.

Get informed... then take the best and leave the rest.


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