Monday, January 09, 2006

Thank You Curtis...

This is my nephew Curtis and his new wife Alisha who were married this past week. I so am inspired by this picture and by the possibilities that lay before them. These are truly awesome people; however, they are not unique in our family. They are in fact part of a legacy of incredible young men and women and I want to thank Curtis - again.

You see I already thanked him right after he was married. I thanked him for being an example to my children. For being an Eagle Scout, for serving a mission for his church and for being married in the right place at the right time.

I knew exactly what I wanted to say to Curtis because I said the same thing to his brother Chad, and his cousins David, Spencer and Jared. Each Eagle Scouts, each missionaries and each has made their mark on the lives of my children.

There is nothing so powerful as a positive example... so I say thank you to each of the nephews and nieces of my wife Katie and I... thank you Christine, Catherine, Chad, Curtis, David, Spencer, Kristin, Chelsea, Nicole, Jared, Jeremy and Justin.

Thank you so much.


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